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Our Services

Psychiatry & Addiction Services

We provide psychiatric services to ages 16 and older and together we create an individualized treatment plan to address your needs.

We treat conditions such as:
Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse and/or Dependency, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Mood Disorders


Getting to appointments is not always easy and that is why we offer a safe and secure way to access psychiatric care from any smart phone, computer or tablet.

Telepsych Offers:
– Flexibility and Convenience
– Better access to mental health care
– Quality care to your location
– Reduced need for time off work/childcare services
– Improves continuity of care and follow up

Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner (CPP)

Our CPP uses an Integrative Health and Wellness Approach to patient care.

This holistic and personalized approach to your physical and mental health helps to seek out root causes of conditions, provides alternative options for treatment and works to treat the whole person. 

Tobacco Cessation Program

Smoking robs you of having control of your health and finances. You can regain that control here at Kairos by participating in this personalized program that is designed to help you:

-Put money back into your pocket as a pack a day smoker saves $2100 a year!
-Breathe easier
-Feel better and be a healthier you

*Included is a FREE carbon monoxide level to assess your progress.

Comprehensive Medication Review

Designed for patients who are on multiple medications or are having adverse side effects from medications.

Program includes:

-A review of prescriptions, over the counter medications and herbal supplements
-Education on each medication
-An individualized treatment plan that meets addressed needs and works with other medical health professionals

Other Treatments and Options

– Bright Light Therapy (to improve mood and sleep)
– Mental Health Assessments/Screenings (track mood, stress, and sleep)
-Pharmacogenetic testing through Genesight
-Light Therapy
-Individual/Group Counseling

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