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Our mental health influences not only our thoughts and feelings, but also our actions and bodies.

As a result, stability in our mental health and overall well-being greatly impacts our relationships, our ability to deal with stress, our decision making and our physical health. Mental well-being is the bedrock of a successful life and it is for this reason that our goal is to partner with you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

The Kairos Experience

Assuring our patients of a timely assessment.

How to Pay

Our practice is a combination of general psychiatry and specialized addiction services, including home visits and counseling, and our focus is to provide you with excellent care on your terms.

In order to provide the excellent healthcare that you deserve, our Practice has chosen a fee-for-service model and is classified as “Self-Pay” and “Out-of-Network’ for all health benefits and/or insurance carriers. However, we believe that your personal investment in your mental health and well-being allows us to partner directly with you and reduce the interference of third party agents such as government agencies and health benefit carriers.

Even as we request full payment at the time of service, we will ensure that you receive the appropriate documentation with which you may request reimbursement from your health insurance provider.

Price Range *

$150 - $380

*The exact cost of your care at Kairos Medical Consulting is determined by the level of service provided. Home visits will range from $400 - $650

We are committed to the maintenance of consistent and continuous care which is why, even after hours, a member of our team is always available to provide as-needed non-emergency medical guidance. Still, we recognize the appropriateness of getting help in the times of an emergency and do strongly encourage our patients to call 911 or present to the nearest Emergency Department in the event of any medical emergencies.

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